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MapVision is constantly being developed to meet the requirements of our users, whether this is a feature we think you'll find useful, or in response to user feedback. We strive to fit as many GIS tools into the program as we can whilst keeping it lean enough to work in a web browser and intuitive enough for any user.

The below list gives a run down of the latest changes that might benefit your projects so it is worth checking back regularly to see what is new. As a web-based tool, there will never be any downloads or updates required, but make sure that each time you use MapVision you conduct a "hard refresh" (Control + F5 in most browsers) to make sure that you benefit from the latest features.

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Date New Feature What this means
05/03/2020 Simplified import process The import process has been simplified within MapVision to a 3-step process, making it easier than ever to geocode and plot csv or spreadsheet data onto a map.
18/02/2020 New Style options New coloured pins for point sets, plus the ability to show/hide tile edges in your thematics with the tick of a box.
15/11/2019 Free data library New boundary and census data is available for free to MapVision users
23/09/2019 Convert point sets to catchments Easily convert between the two map types to turn point set data into area catchments with data counts.
20/09/2019 Drive time and distance catchments Include banded thematics based on drive times or drive distances.
29/08/2019 POD file import functionality added Seamlessly import entire Prospex GIS projects into MapVision carrying over themes and styles.
29/08/2019 Local Authority geography added 2019 Local Authority boundary data now included for not for profit catchmment maps.
16/08/2019 Drag and drop import function added Drag a data file onto the map to launch the import dialogue and put data into your library.
14/08/2019 KML file import functionality added Import points, networks or polygons from any GIS using this universal GIS file type.
14/08/2019 Download catchments as CSV files Once you've reviewed data in MapVision it can now be exported again as a CSV file to allow you to re-import it into a spreadsheet or database.
14/08/2019 MS Access data import Import entire databases from MS Access rather than individual tables.
17/07/2019 Internet Explorer functionality added MapVision now works with Internet Explorer, meaning it now works with every major web browser.
17/07/2019 "Go to" Function added Search for a postcode or placename in your data using this simple text search
15/06/2019 New Territory Functionality Balance your catchments and create effective territories with new household, population or adult count data held natively in MapVision.
10/06/2019 Sample data available to Import If you would like to try MapVision but don't have any data available, we've included a sample point set of a well known chain of homeware stores.