Geographical software solutions

Unlock a range of opportunities with a location based software solution

Intelligent software solutions simplify and enhance businesses processes. They will enable you to remove waste and drive efficiency through processes plus improve decision making at all levels of your business.

A software solution designed just for you

We have a selection of software packages that offer everything from fully featured desktop GIS software, to web applications designed to deliver a specific outcome.

Prospex is our fully featured desktop GIS mapping software. Unlike many other GIS Prospex is delivered with a range of data, including map data so you can start mapping straight away.

MapVision is our online mapping application. This online mapping application is a simple and quick solution that will enable you to visualise and analyse your business data.

We also have skills in house:

  • to customise GIS software products to enhance functionality
  • to develop bespoke software to meet your requirements

Whatever challenges your business faces, we can provide a robust software solution that delivers value in the form of improved processes and cost savings.

Beacon Dodsworth software solutions are delivered with full training, updates and ongoing support.

All you need to do is get in touch and tell us what you'd like to achieve.

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UK map displays points of interest plus highlighted map data

Desktop GIS Mapping Software icon

Prospex Desktop GIS Mapping Software

Many business challenges have a geographical element that Prospex GIS mapping software will enable you to meet.


Example of a Prospex GIS map with coloured catchment and postcode sectors

Prospex GIS mapping and analysis

Online Mapping Software icon

MapVision Online Mapping Software

The power of GIS data visualisation delivered through your browser. Easy to use GIS to improve your data visualisation and presentation.

Unlock the power of GIS mapping with MapVision.

MapVision online GIS visualisation of points on a map and a catchment built with postcode sectors

MapVision online GIS visualisation

bespoke software development icon

Software Development

Business challenges come in all shapes and sizes which means that standard software packages sometimes don't cut it. Beacon Dodsworth provide a bespoke software development service to meet your requirements.

Map of road network with customer points of interest

Customised applications with a geographical bearing

Travel survey software icon

Travel Survey

TripTrax, the highly configurable software for journey capture, GPS processing and geographically relevant questionnaires.

Map built using TripTrax software that delivers online survey solution

 Online Surveys that reduce cost per respondent

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