Bespoke software development

Location based software solutions built to solve specific business challenges.

Business challenges come in all shapes and sizes which often means standard software packages are unsuitable. 

Knowledge, skills and experience built over decades in the industry.

We can solve business challenges with robust and intelligent bespoke software solutions. 

With a bespoke software solution from Beacon Dodsworth you'll receive:

  • Software built to your requirements
  • Robust software tested and fit for purpose
  • Built by a team of experienced developers that understand your industry
  • Flexible approach to software iteration
  • Support from development through to delivery and beyond

Our software development doesn't just include mapping. We develop software to meet a wide range of challenges.

We'll work with you to ensure that the software works as planned. With a bespoke software solution you only pay for the functionality that you require and unlike many other providers we go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your software.

  • Custom GIS scripting language
  • Desktop programming
  • Database design and data driven applications
  • Web based programming
  • Project managment
  • Systems analysis


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Postcode to postcode drive distance calculator web service for an expenses system

In 2011 NHS Shared Business Services needed a system to measure travel distances to calculate and approve employee mileage claims. The accuracy needed (postcode to postcode) precluded a data solution (read why here).

We created a custom version of their drive time software webservice TimeTravel, which returns journey time and distance between postcodes as they are entered. Since 2011 the system has logged over 2 million interactions a year and is regularly updated with new road data and postcode changes. Read the case study to find out more.

Visualisation of point to point driving route for calculating mileage claims

A point to point driving route

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Script to generate hundreds of maps with complex analysis

An existing client had an urgent mapping job. They needed to map store locations, competitor locations, rings showing crow fly distances from the store and drive time catchments showing where different percentages of the sales value for the store come from. A simple job for Prospex GIS for any given store. 

The client needed to produce maps for over 300 locations and the job needed to be completed within days. 

Through our consultation process, we agreed the presentation styles and data formats. Using our own geographical programming and scripting language (fSyntax), coupled with our database expertise, we produced prototypes of the maps. Running batch scripts we generated the final images and spreadsheet data tables.

Selection of maps generated from batch scripts

A selection of maps generated from batch scripts

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Online journey capture software

Many industries need to record the journeys made by members of the public. Transport Focus are the watchdog organisation tasked with measuring user satisfaction for journeys on the major roads of England (Strategic Road Network).

Traditionally, surveys have used expensive face to face interviews. Beacon Dodsworth have developed a web delivered travel survey solution. TripTrax is a survey solution that is heavily customised to match the user's requirements. The interactive software captures jouney end points and way points and suggests the optimum path between them. The end user can edit the route to match where they went.

With optional modal analysis and links to geographically relevant questionnaire's TripTrax is a complete travel survey solution that has been used in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Screenshot of journey capture software

Customised journey capture software

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