MapVision online GIS mapping

Unleash the power of GIS mapping with our online mapping solution.

MapVision online GIS mapping turns postcoded data into maps that enhance data presentation and deliver business insight.

Visualising data in a geographical context unlocks a wide range of opportunities for your business.

MapVision is easy to use whilst still providing some of the advanced features of desktop GIS systems. 

  • Simpler to use than desktop software
  • Harness the power of your browser
  • No installation - just register and go
  • Upload and geolocate your data on stores, catchment areas or sales
  • Library system so you can share data between projects
  • Share your interactive map projects with others in your organisation
  • Postcode and administrative geography built in

MapVision has postcode and administrative geography built in. This means private and public sector organisations can use the system to display their own relevant data.


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Map your locations and areas

Upload your postcoded and sector based data into MapVision's library system. Create new catchments using the built-in drive time functionality.  Visualise your own data against familiar atlas style backcloths. You control the layers and style.

Map displays outlets and store locations

Visualise outlets and store locations

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Manage territories

Create or import territories for your sales staff. Use the built-in demographics or your own business data to help manage the territories. Easily add or remove parts of territories. See the results of your changes immediately.

20 minute drive time catchment map around York

Use demographics to balance sales territories

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Themed catchments hot and cold mapping

Import data associated with geographical tiles (e.g. postcode sectors). Band and colour code the tiles as themed catchments. Make bands of equal size or with equal numbers of tiles automatically or edit the banding to suit your display requirements.

Heat map displaying age by sex

Higher numbers of over 60's than expected

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Share Prospex projects

Prospex desktop GIS projects can be imported into MapVision. Create the analysis in Prospex and share the results with your colleagues in an interactive map that can be zoomed and panned as needed.

Prospex map imported into MapVision

Prospex project restyled by MapVision

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