TripTrax journey capture software

A self completion model reduces the cost per respondent and enables more data to be collected

Our journey capture software has been used in the UK, Europe and Asia for journey capture, GPS processing and geographically relevant questionnaires.

TripTrax is a highly configurable suite of tools used to conduct travel surveys

Web based mapping records journeys made by road or public transport, and modes. An optional integrated questionnaire presents geographically relevant options for consumer details and profiling. Additionally we have experience processing GPS data. We can allocate GPS routes to road networks and also use position, velocity and acceleration data to estimate modes of travel.

  • Self completion or interviewer-led
  • Mode, route and journey capture
  • Questionnaire integration
  • Outdoor Advertising reach and frequency surveys
  • Road user satisfaction surveys
  • Highly configurable

TripTrax software has been used for surveys for Outdoor Advertising measurement in the Netherlands, Austria and major cities in Turkey. In the UK TripTrax is being used in satisfaction surveys for users of the Strategic Road Network.

By using a self completion model, the cost per respondent is reduced so more data can be collected. The effectiveness of your data analysis can therefore be improved.

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Responsive online travel survey software, customised to fit the clients exact needs with an optional geographically relevant integrated questionnaire.

Screenshot of TripTrax running on an iPhone

TripTrax running on an iPhone

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