Web services: Custom applications for your website

Built from the same tools as our GIS and mapping applications

Integrate Beacon Dodsworth technology into your web site or desktop application. Our web services and applications use Prospex GIS based technology to deliver point to point drive times, where's my nearest lists and customised maps.

Robust solutions to enhance your processes

Our web apps support communication across multiple platforms and programming languages so you can integrate GIS processing directly onto your own website.

Our technology and experience can add spatial analysis, mapping and drive time simulations to your own solutions:

  • Where's my nearest
  • Calculate drive times
  • Plan delivery routes
  • Produce demographic profiles

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TimeTravel Distance Calculator

Accurate drive times and distances based on postcode geography delivered from a hosted online service.

Map displays an example of driving route produced in TimeTravel distance calculator

Driving route produced by TimeTravel distance calculator

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