TimeTravel Distance Calculator

Web based distance calculator provides accurate postcode to postcode travel times and distances

Beacon Dodsworth's TimeTravel distance calculator is a hosted web service called from within your website or application. The online service returns accurate travel times and distances in response to your web requests.

Built using our TimeTravel application you can access district, sector and individual postcode based calculations.
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Configurable drive time and distance calculation

Built upon the fSyntax GIS scripting technology, TimeTravel Distance Calculator will produce shortest drive times or distances for trips across the UK. The TimeTravel engine can return distances or times along with maps showing the route used in the calculations.

The service geocodes postcodes and place name locations and returns a list of distances or times between each step of a journey. If you need accurate mileages or journey time estimates TimeTravel Distance Calculator has the answers.

Map displays example route from York to Harrogate



Driven Distance (Miles)
Location Shortest Fastest
YO23 2BD  
to 5.158 5.158
YO30 5QW  
to 20.318 21.456
to 22.209 26.732
YO23 2BD  
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