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Our range of consultancy services

In addition to our suite of proven GIS mapping and geodemographic data products, Beacon Dodsworth offers a range of services to help support your business’ geographic data needs. We believe that there is no such thing as a typical client and we can do as much or as little work as you require to give you the geographical intelligence you need. So whether you don’t have an in-house GIS or mapping data expert, if your existing insight team are overwhelmed by a project, or even if you want to try something completely new, we can help.

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Data mapping and visualisation

Putting data in a geographical context is a great way to get to grips with large amounts of data and add an extra dimension to your understanding. Our solutions and consultants can:

  • Create heat maps to summarise data at a glance
  • Map postcode locations to demonstrate geographical networks
  • Plan and manage sales territories based on real-world factors
  • Create multi-layer maps for complete geographical analysis

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Tailored solutions & consultancy

When your data mapping solutions can’t be solved by an off-the-shelf product, we can use our expertise to create an original solution. To give a few examples from our experience, we’ve helped our clients to:

  • Nest a “where is my nearest” tool into their website
  • Create a mileage expenses checker for the NHS staff intranet
  • Design a robust travel survey tool for an independent travel watchdog
  • Measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising across Europe
  • Automate regular, complex GIS tasks to help the workload of an in-house GIS team

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Geodata sourcing

From supplementing your existing business or customer data, to supplying entirely new datasets to inform business decisions, we have 25 years experience of finding data to meet our customers’ needs. As you would expect from a GIS specialist we can supply data from Ordnance Survey, Collins Bartholomew, Royal Mail, the Office for National Statistics and HERE Technologies. We can also work as a data consultancy to source sector-specific data to help you to realise your geo-intelligence goals.

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