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Beacon Dodsworth have over 25 years' experience in designing and creating customised solutions to solve demographic and geographic business challenges. From a simple set of maps showing your data, to a fully featured custom written application. We will find the best solution and help you implement it.

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We have the tools to fit your needs. Prospex is our fully featured desktop GIS and market analysis tool. MapVision is our web based GIS that can display your geographical data with ease. Our custom applications include travel surveys to log journeys, web mapping to illustrate radio and newspaper coverages for audience research and media purchasing and mileage calculators to approve expenses claims by NHS staff. If a custom application is not suitable, we can help integrate our web mapping and drivetime technology into your web site. 

Your customer and sales data is valuable. If data can be associated with a point of geography (a postcode) it can be used in geographical and demographic analysis. Using our own demographics data P² People & Places or lifestyle and census data we can help you measure performance of existing operations. Existing data can be used in conjunction with our software tools to generate market potential for new locations and areas.

Your time is valuable. When time is short our skilled team can work on your behalf. From simple maps and spreadsheets to full reports and customised data analysis we have a solution that will work for you.

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Off the peg and customised solutions for:

  • Mapping, visualisation
  • Location analysis, customer analysis
  • Market potential, demand modelling
  • Driving times, route scheduling
  • Territory management, franchise planning
  • Travel surveys, outdoor research


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Mapping and visualisation

From dots on maps to hot cold mapping with background raster images, we have a suitable solution for your mapping and visualisation needs.

Our desktop solution Prospex GIS and MapVision online mapping are designed to display your data effectively and easily. Our consultancy and bureau services can create a series of maps and images, based on your data, to your specifications, in raster or vector formats and uploaded to the cloud or sent on USB media.

Heat map displays customer density compared to national averages

Customer density compared to national averages

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Location analysis, customer analysis

Mapping your customer and store locations is a great way to increase your customer understanding. You can identify how far your customers are prepared to travel. Using demographic data will indicate what kind of people your customers are. This insight helps with targeting for marketing activity and in assessing buying trends.

Prospex GIS is designed for this kind of analysis and display of your data. Alternatively, our dedicated and experienced team will do the work for you.

Map with a selection of locations represented by points

Potential customer counts and current client locations

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Market potential, demand modelling

Use your locatable sales data to build a sales performance profile. Combine your sales with our demographics to produce accurate sales profiles. A profile of average spend per household can be used for existing sites to assess how well you are reaching your market. Using the same profile on potential locations can tell you where demand for your services is likely to be sufficient for success.

A combination of Prospex GIS, database consultancy and P² People & Places data is used to generate demand models and spending profiles. From creating profiles for you to use in your Prospex systems to providing full location and penetration reports we can help you locate new sites and expand your business.

Example heat map displays potential in different areas

Areas of high retail potential shown in dark green

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Driving times, route scheduling

How far is it? How long will it take? We have tools that answer these questions. If you need to know how many people live within 12 minutes of your restaurant, if you want to approve mileage claims, if you want to show where the closest store is, we have a solution. TimeTravel drive time technology is built into Prospex and MapVision GIS applications, TimeTravel drive time data products can be integrated into your systems or you can access a web service to return driving times and distances.

Should you need more detailed scheduling and field team managment, Prospex can organise field team visits for multiple staff members, visiting multiple clients on a fixed or ad hoc rota. The scheduler takes into account driving times, call lengths, day lengths and staff availablilty.

Map displays examples of drive time catchments

5 mile delivery bands

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Territory management, franchise planning

You need to set up sales or franchise territories. Balanced territories need to have similar potential and should be compact enough to be manageable. This needs a combination of market potential calculations, drive times and route analysis. Once you have set up your balanced territories you will need to be able to transfer regions from one to another to reflect real world conditions and changes in staffing and store locations.

Prospex GIS has a suite of tools designed for territory and franchise area creation and management. Beacon Dodsworth can offer a software or consultancy package that helps you plan your success.

Map displays a retail location with region

Planning for a new franchise

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Travel surveys, outdoor research

Beacon Dodsworth has been involved with travel surveys measuring the effectiveness of outdoor media for over 10 years. Using TripTrax web mapping combined with a geographically aware questionnaire, we have increased the reach and coverage of travel surveys by offering an online self completion option rather than expensive face to face interviews. As GPS technology has become more reliable we can offer a GPS analysis and processing service as part of our travel survey solution.

If you are looking for travel surveys and other customised web mapping for the UK or further afield, Beacon Dodsworth have a bespoke solution that can be tailored to your needs.

Example of route taken

Measuring road user satisfaction

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