Support for mapping, software and data solutions

Product delivery is just the beginning...

We help people with geographical and data challenges that require clever technical solutions. We believe in the importance of our continued support for you.

Our off-the-shelf, customised data and software solutions are fully supported by our dedicated team of account managers and developers.

Our licensed Prospex GIS is supplied with annual training at a location of your choice.

Regular software and source data updates keep our products up to date and relevant. We listen to client feedback and improvements are often driven by the people who actually use our products.

As a client of Beacon Dodsworth you can expect:

  • Unlimited business hours telephone support
  • Remote access support
  • Two days per year training for Prospex (on your site)
  • Help files, user guides and informative blog articles
  • Guidance on how best to complete your work
  • Built-in diagnostic tools in Prospex GIS
  • Regular contact through newsletters and ezines
  • Helpful hints through social media
  • Case studies

Our client relationships span decades. Our support options are tailored to provide effective help that keeps you working.

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