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Prospex: GIS mapping software

Prospex is our powerful desktop geographic information system (GIS) designed for in-depth location analysis and sales territory optimisation. It gives you the tools you need to analyse and visualise data in a geographical context and make informed business decisions.

See location data in context

A van driver superimposed on a delivery schedule map.

Prospex brings together population densities, customer demographics, travel time and distance data to give you a robust picture of the value of different sites. This allows you to:

  • Select the best site for a new store, office, franchise or distribution hub
  • Define efficient delivery territories or cost bandings
  • Review your existing network of stores or agents
  • Assess the competitor landscape to identify crossover and areas of opportunity

Visualise and learn more about your customers

Customer silhouettes set over profiling data and a customer point map.

Prospex was developed alongside our own P² People & Places profiling data, making geodemographic analysis an integral part of its location intelligence toolset. You can bring together location data and demographic profiles or customer data to:

  • Plot your customers on a map and heat map areas with the highest penetration or spend
  • Plot your best customer profile onto nationwide maps to target future campaigns and expansion
  • Analyse the area around your business to find out who your local customers are
  • Get meaningful insight about the people in a potential campaign area

Define, review & optimise territories

A sales consultant superimposed over a territory map.

Prospex allows you to map efficient sales catchments and effectively manage, review, and optimise these territories as your strategy evolves. Its advanced territory management and scheduling tools allow you to:

  • Define sales territories by travel distance, journey time, number of customers or their average value
  • Balance territories between multiple agents based on any of the above factors
  • Plan the most efficient sales and delivery routes using an intelligent call scheduler
  • Heat map the penetration of ideal demographic groups in potential new sales catchments

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