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We’ve been working with geodata solutions for 25 years and have developed a range of reliable, cost effective, and proven tools to bring the benefits of geographical intelligence to our clients. Our range of products help you to visualise, analyse and understand your business data in a spatial context.

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Prospex: desktop GIS

Our desktop Geographic Information System (GIS), Prospex lets you visualise your business data in a spatial context and make informed business decisions. A proven, feature-rich design, Prospex is a cost-effective way to benefit from geographical intelligence. The perfect way to bring together business and geo data, this mapping software gives you the ability to create geographic (choropleth) heat maps, plot point sets, and define catchments and territories for your business.

A sales territory map

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MapVision: web-based mapping

MapVision offers easy-to-use, web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) functions at a fraction of the cost, and complexity, of a desktop GIS. Ideal for sharing geographical intelligence in an intuitive way, it allows those with less data experience to benefit from spatial data insight. It can be used as a stand-alone mapping tool or work with a desktop GIS to share projects with stakeholders without the need for software install or user training.

MapVision project screen shot

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TimeTravel: journey distance and time data

Make journeys as efficient as possible with real-world drive times and distances. Compiled from Ordnance Survey (OS) road data and Office of National Statistics (ONS) postcodes, TimeTravel is a dataset of sector and district drive times and distances. It offers the ability to calculate journeys based on peak, off-peak and HGV travel times, and covers all of the UK. Add to your customer database or GIS to make your business as efficient as possible, or integrate it into your website to help customers find your nearest outlet or store.

Journey distance radii vs journey time

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P² People & Places: geodemographic insight

A comprehensive, cost-effective, geodemographic classification that categorises and describes the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the UK. Built from census and lifestyle data, P² can help you to add depth to your customer understanding, or identify potential audiences for your business. Able to work to postcode or administrative boundaries, the demographic knowledge within P² can help a business to thrive or allow a public sector body to target the provision of services most effectively.

People & places demographic profiles on map

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Bespoke solutions

Our years of experience, combined with our flexibility, means we can respond to client’s requests, if they need a tailored geodata solution. We can distill elements from an existing product for an efficient and cheap solution, or use our expertise to craft something entirely bespoke. Our handiwork is used across Europe to turn spatial data into geographical insight in both the private and public sector.

Working with clients to create a bespoke solution.

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