Representation of how P2 can shed light on who your customers really are.

P² People & Places Demographic Classification

P² People & Places (P²) is our comprehensive demographic classification. It contains accurate and detailed descriptions of UK consumers and the areas where they live. Built using census and lifestyle data, P² categorises the UK population and describes people’s behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles in order to help its users to better understand their audience, customers and catchment areas.

Focus on the people that matter with geodemographic classification

More than 64 million people live in the UK which makes finding, understanding, and communicating with a specific audience a real challenge. The key to success is being able to identify different types of people and recognise what is important to them. Using our knowledge and experience we have created P² to bring together key aspects of demographic and geographic data to give users an in-depth understanding of UK consumers and their neighbourhoods.

To give just a few examples, our existing clients use P² demographic data to:

  • Identify target markets
  • Understand market potential for their products and services
  • Segment customer databases
  • Profile and understand customer lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes
  • Personalise communications
  • Analyse existing customer data to identify potential new customers
  • Find the best locations for new stores, franchises and service centres

If you'd like an overview of geodemographics, what it is, its uses, and how such data is created, read our blog: What is geodemographic profiling?

Know your audience: national trends, local understanding

P² offers two levels of detail. It splits the population into 16 broad categories (we call these ‘Trees’) which provide a wider analysis and are easy to understand. When more detail is required P² breaks the data into a further 44 detail categories (we call these ‘Branches’). This two-tier data approach allows you to identify an outline target group and then examine the detail at Branch level. This over-arching demographic modelling is paired with location data to create a full geodemographic solution. It offers insights that can be related to your existing customer map or used to target future activity. This location-based data is available using either postcode and administrative geographies.

  • Postcode-based data makes it easy to map your current customers with a matching demographic profile, target marketing campaigns, or plan new locations for your business. This means you can quickly mobilise the knowledge you have gained for the benefit of your business.
  • Administrative boundaries allow public sector organisations to use the data to tailor, target and prioritise their services. In addition, P2 provides maximum discrimination between categories, especially for the less affluent, who are often major consumers of public services.

Thanks to this geographical flexibility, P² geodemographic classification is widely used by both public and private sector organisations.

Integrate with your systems

P² can be used as a standalone dataset, within our own Prospex Geographical Information System, or any other GIS in the marketplace, for further mapping and analysis. P² data can also be used in a customer relationship management (CRM) system, matched to customers in an existing sales database, or integrated with other software to provide a robust demographic data solution suited to the way you work.