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Mapping & data visualisation made simple

Make displaying and understanding UK location data simple with MapVision, our online mapping tool. It offers a straight-forward, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) interface that makes it easy to turn complex location data into understandable business-intelligence.

Whether you are analysing your customer locations, reviewing network locations, or optimising sales or service territories, MapVision gives you the tools you need to easily map, explore and share your location data.

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  • No software to install
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Easily create maps from spreadsheet data

  • Map your Microsoft Excel, or Comma Separated Value (CSV) data with a simple 3-step import process
  • Plot postcode areas, districts, sectors and units, or use coordinates to geocode and map your data
  • Create pin or point maps, cluster maps, heat maps and catchment or territory maps from your data
  • Visualise data from KML or POD GIS files without a costly Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Overlay multiple datasets on a single map for at-a-glance understanding and analysis
  • Display your data on inclusive UK-wide maps from Ordnance Survey (OS)

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Illustration of MapVision's data import and geocoding process.

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Enrich your maps and give your data context

  • Style or brand your maps with colours, lines, fonts and symbols to match your chosen theme
  • Switch data layers on and off easily to tailor detail to your purpose or audience
  • Set display scales, so relevant data only shows at the relevant zoom/detail level
  • Use a key, data labels or data-linked pop-ups to display more detail where you want it
  • Establish practical territories or catchments using the native drive-time tool
  • MapVision includes postcode, electoral, administrative or postcode boundaries, to define your territories
  • Benefit from inclusive data such as census household and population counts to work out local penetration or territory potential

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Examples of pin, heat, cluster and territory maps in MapVision.

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Share your maps online and collaborate seamlessly

  • Share data maps with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders with a simple web interface
  • Collaborate online without bespoke software or specialist training
  • Share complete projects securely with named team members for online collaboration
  • Share maps universally with customers or stakeholders using unique project URLs
  • Nest interactive maps on your website within an i-frame
  • Save maps as image files for use externally, or print hard copies at 300 dpi up to A2 size

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The 3 ways you can share MapVision maps and projects.

Simple, accessible geodata analysis 

Bringing together the strengths of online working and geo-data tools previously limited to desktop GIS software, MapVision works seamlessly within your web browser with no installation required. Its simplicity means that users can often pick it up without any help – but we have tutorial videos, a help guide and web chat available for those who need a little help.

MapVision's ease of use and low cost make it a great replacement for discontinued or unsupported products, such as Microsoft MapPoint and Google Fusion Tables. Projects exported as table data from these older systems can quickly be imported and displayed in MapVision. Our developers are continuously developing this platform, adding new features and tailoring it to user feedback.

Being web-based means that new features, data, and updates can be seamlessly implemented without down-time or the need for user intervention. You need never be left with out-of-date, unsupported software again.

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  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
  • No financial details required