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Turn your location data into geographical intelligence

MapVision is a web-based mapping tool designed to make displaying and presenting UK location data as simple and intuitive as possible. It avoids the need for in-house geodata experts or expensive software. Instead it offers a straight-forward, web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) interface that makes it easy to turn location data into real business-intelligence to guide effective decision making.

Whether you are a retailer looking at customer locations, business network looking at site locations, or service company looking to optimise agent territories, MapVision gives you the tools you need to create, explore and share your location data.



Import and explore your own data in MapVision

  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
  • No financial details required

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Maps that bring together all of your location data

  • Import data in a common tabular or GIS file format such as MS Excel, Comma Separated Value (CSV), or Prospex (POD) file for easy map creation
  • Create catchment areas and point-sets from postcodes or coordinate data
  • Display data as multiple layers. Easily turn each layer on and off to make data visualisation straight-forward
  • Organise data in a rationally-ordered, searchable project library for future analysis
  • Style your maps with colours, lines, fonts and symbols to match your brand or chosen theme
  • The ease of working online but with the ability to save your work for long-term reference

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Changing the scale and detail visibility within MapVision.

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Intuitive maps with powerful GIS tools

  • Easily pan and zoom from UK-wide to street-level mapping
  • Data displayed on detailed map set from Ordnance Survey
  • Create catchments by drive time or distance (route-based)
  • Edit catchment areas and point-sets directly within the map view
  • Colour code postcode or bespoke areas based on data values to create heat maps
  • Switch layers on and off easily to benefit from data overlays
  • Click on objects in-map to view their attributes in pop-ups
  • Set display scales, so relevant data only shows at the appropriate detail level

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Zooming to a different detail level.

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Valuable location intelligence that is easy to understand

  • Use MapVision’s simple web interface to share your projects, and those from other desktop-based GIS, such as Prospex, easily and in an attractive format
  • Share data with clients and stakeholders in a consistent format that is easy to access and understand
  • Download finished maps as image files for use in presentations and other applications, or at print resolution to use in hard copy presentations
  • Collaborate online without the need for local software installation or resource-heavy software
  • Remote help instantly on hand for complex projects via web chat, or our GIS consultants can create more complex maps for you and share them through MapVision

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A Prospex GIS area analysis displayed in MapVision.


Based around a web interface, MapVision works seamlessly within your browser with no installation required. It is simpler to use than a traditional desktop-based GIS but includes the most fundamental tools of any GIS software such as the ability to plot point sets, create territories and postcode heat maps. MapVision has both postcode and administrative geography built in. This means that both private and public sector clients can use this system to analyse their existing data without the need for data conversion or installation of additional modules.

Future-proof and developing

MapVision's ease of use and low cost make it a great replacement for discontinued or unsupported products, such as Microsoft MapPoint and Google Fusion Tables. Projects exported as table data from these older systems can quickly be imported and displayed in MapVision. Our developers are continuously developing this platform, adding new features and tailoring it to user feedback.

Being web-based means that these new features and updates can be seamlessly implemented without down-time or the need for user intervention. You need never be left with out-of-date, unsupported software again. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to learn about new features as they become available.

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