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Share geodata insight with MapVision

The real strength of MapVision’s online interface is its ability to enable online collaboration and data sharing. No software to install, no updates or downloads to sit through and no resource-heavy software to load, just open up an internet browser and login.

Share with colleagues, clients or stakeholders

Sharing your MapVision GIS project is as simple as sending a link to another MapVision user. If your audience aren’t yet users, they can register online, or we can add them as a client to your account. The link that you send will point them directly to your project; so even a complete novice will be able to see what you intended them to. Multiple people can see the project at the same time.

Know how your audience will see your data

A further benefit of sharing projects within an internet browser environment is consistency. You can be sure that whoever else views your project, will see it just as you left it. For online collaboration this means that another user can simply pick up your project where you left off. For client presentations, it means that you can prepare the project and be confident that they will see it just as you planned. This is perfect for supplying supporting data for a decision you have proposed or outlining a plan of action. When you respond to stakeholder feedback, your changes will be shown on the shared version, without the need to reshare it.

Data is securely encrypted and only those granted a password and access to your project can access any business-sensitive data it may contain.

Download or print data maps

The maps from your project can be downloaded as image files for use outside of MapVision. The image download function lets you specify image size and resolution. So you can download a low resolution file for web use or to email, or large, print-resolution file to print up to A2 size. In this way, you can use MapVision’s presentation tools to support reports, presentations, or even promotional material in a variety of formats.

Share other GIS projects

MapVision is able to read files from generic KML GIS files, or POD files from our own Prospex GIS, so works as a great complement to a desktop GIS, offering new ways to share analysis and findings. It also means that you can use the programs in parallel, using Prospex’ advanced GIS tools to develop visuals that you can then share or refine in MapVision. It also means that on complex projects, Beacon Dodsworth can easily assist you in producing data maps to meet your needs and then share them with you via MapVision.

Import and explore your own data in MapVision

  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
  • No financial details required



Sharing project screenshot

Sharing an image using MapVision's simple "Share" function.

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