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Business mapping and customer analysis

Beacon Dodsworth’s mapping and data products make location intelligence accessible to organisations of any size. We have a wide range of clients who depend on us for:

  • Territory or catchment mapping and management
  • Audience demographic analysis
  • Fleet and staff journey planning

Our easy-to-use mapping tools and flexible consultancy services make us a preferred partner for clients across both the private and public sector.

Drive time and distance radii around the Beacon Dodsworth York office.


A consultancy meeting using visual data maps


  • Location analysis and data visualisation
  • Geodata integration into your systems
  • Bespoke and batch mapping
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A point-set map converted into a heat map in MapVision

GIS and mapping tools

  • Simple online mapping tool: MapVision
  • Powerful desktop GIS: Prospex
  • Custom map-based solutions
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Using data to classify customers in an area

Location, journey and demographic data

  • Drive-time and distance data
  • Geodemographic profiling data
  • Point location, networks and boundaries
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How can we help?

"I want to review my team's sales territories."

We have tools and data to optimise your sales territories based on a combination of factors to maximise your team's efficiency.

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"I need to choose the best location for my new store."

Our site analysis services bring together consumer profiling and local network data to find the most profitable location for any enterprise.

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"I need to generate addresses in a location."

Our MapVision solution has an optional module that generates postcodes or addresses inside a custom area.

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Our clients

Abbey Marketing

"MapVision’s low cost and simplicity, together with its free online support and training, makes it suitable for all our clients to identify target areas."

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Scope Eyecare

"It was refreshing to be able to sit down with an expert with the tools and data at his fingertips to turn our complex requirements into a tailored territory map."

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Thatchers Cider

"I was used to working with MapPoint and when we had a new project that required mapping Sales Territories, my team utilised the capability of MapVision, which allowed them to plan and focus their efforts in the most efficient and effective manner."

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Featured blogs

Postcodes: how do they work and what can they do for us?

A history of the humble postcode; how it works, and how it has developed into a vital tool for deliveries, navigation, & geocoding for mapping location data.

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How to map the most efficient sales territories

We share our experience on how to define and optimise catchments and territories for your stores or field team using geodata, mapping and geodemographic data.

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From spreadsheet to map: how to create your first postcode point map

A look at the best way to create a postcode point/pin map and offer a few hints and tips from our 25 years’ experience to improve your data mapping and visualisation projects.

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