Intelligent mapping, software and data solutions

Meet your business challenge with the application of mapping, software or data.
We develop, deliver and support a broad range of solutions in a wide range of industries.
We will help you analyse, visualise, optimise, and understand your data.
Clients from a wide range of businesses benefit from our blend of innovation and common sense.
From initial idea to delivery and beyond, we're here to help.
Advice and support when you need it. Let us know what you'd like to achieve.
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Our products and services deliver business intelligence that enhances decision making and process planning capability.

BD solutions are applied by different internal functions such as: Planning, Analysis, Marketing and Operations.


How we help

We help businesses visualise, analyse, manage, present and understand data.

It all starts with a conversation. You tell us what you'd like to achieve. We have the know-how to make it happen.

We'll make sure you're involved in the process and ultimately work with you to deliver the solution with as much support as you require.

What do you need?

We've developed a range of software, mapping and data solutions along with the ability to customise or develop new products.

If you're unsure what type of solution you require, or can't find what you need give us a call - 01904 701020.


Beacon Dodsworth went the extra mile to really understand what we are trying to achieve. They ultimately delivered a bespoke solution that matched our requirements, exceeded our expectations and added a huge amount of value to our overall payroll service.

Tasy Warn, Director of Employment Services

Trinity Mirror Solutions

We have used Beacon Dodsworth’s Prospex system for a number of years. Their customer service is second to none; always willing to help us investigate innovative ways of interrogating our data and moving our business forward.

Trak Julyan, Head of Insight

Vision Express logo

P² People & Places has not only helped us to expand our store portfolio, but has also enabled us to use our marketing budget more effectively by gaining a greater understanding of our customers and prospects and creating tailored marketing campaigns, specific to each store profile.

David Hart, Supply Chain Director