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ASP Hair use MapVision to connect clients with their closest distributor

International Hair Cosmetics Limited are a global name in haircare products. Since 2012 their sales support team have been using our solutions to make it as easy as possible for their UK clients to source ASP Hair branded products from the most conveniently located distributor.

The challenge:

ASP Hair have an enviable network through a large number of distributors within the UK. The challenge to having such a diverse, and rapidly growing network, is being able to quickly and accurately point end users - typically salons - to the best distributor for the required product.

The solution:

Since the start of our partnership with ASP Hair in 2012, we’ve continued to develop and fine-tune our territory management tools. ASP Hair now use the latest mapping tool from us: MapVision, a completely web-based solution for fast and easy access to their network of distributors.

A caller can easily be located in MapVision via their postcode. An ASP Hair agent is then quickly able to determine the best distributor of the appropriate product. In addition to this core requirement, the original distributors’ territories created by ASP Hair are simple to maintain and amend. Distributors can specify their delivery areas which are built through MapVision’s vast geographies list. MapVision also allows for easy editing of the territories, allowing the ASP Hair network to grow and develop.

See how it works

Open this MapVision project, type in your postcode in the top right and click the map to see which ASP Hair distributor it falls into (not actual data).

The benefit:

Both new customers and existing clients that approach ASP Hair benefit from the fastest possible response, and quickly receive accurate information. A prompt and helpful response on the part of ASP Hair increases the likelihood of initial and repeat sales.

In addition, ASP Hair’s distributor network can continue to grow and adapt to market needs, and this changing network is easily accommodated via MapVision. There is no need to call upon us for bespoke work whenever a change is made to the distributor network - although, of course, we are there if ever they need us. This forward-looking approach by ASP Hair will ensure that they continue to be a leading brand in haircare products, and we are very proud to work with them.

MapVision benefits from regular updates to its data and functionality, and ASP Hair, like all of our clients have access to free updates and live web support to ensure they have the skill to take full advantage of the advanced features. If you’d like to know more about all of the features offered by MapVision, visit our product page or get in touch.

"We’ve found working with Beacon Dodsworth incredibly straightforward, and their MapVision system is simple to use. They’ve made managing our national distributor network as easy as we could ever hope for."

Kelly Shotter, ASP Hair

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