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Customer analysis finds new locations

The challenge:

Vision Express wanted to expand their portfolio of stores and customers. To find out where to locate new stores they needed to understand the consumer characteristics of their existing store catchments.

The solution:

After investigating a number of GIS suppliers, Vision Express chose Beacon Dodsworth’s Prospex mapping software and P² People & Places (P²) people classification. Using Prospex and , Vision Express identifies the similarities in their customers' characteristics and lifestyles. These are then compared with population profiles of other areas to work out suitable store locations.

As well as the demographic breakdown of the area, Vision Express plot their existing store locations, other opticians and other points of interest such as transport networks and local amenities. This enhances their location planning process, and in comparing customer profiles store to store Vision Express tailor their marketing to fit.

Vision Express also analyse the geodemographic breakdown of even smaller catchment areas using a Beacon Dodsworth macro. This macro automatically creates drive time catchments at output area and super output area level, providing more detailed analysis.

The benefits:

Composite image of an older couple super-imposed on a demographic heat map of the UK.

Vision Express avoid wasting marketing spend by creating tailored marketing campaigns specific to each store profile, reaching real prospective customers. Prospex mapping software allows for easy import of their own sales and customer data, analysing and exporting the results out to other Vision Express databases.

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