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About us

Who are Beacon Dodsworth?

We are a mapping and geographic data consultancy who build, deliver and support a wide range of mapping data and software solutions. Our tools and expertise enable organisations to analyse their data in context. This leads to a better understanding of their own operations, their customers, and the competitive landscape. The result of this is better decision making, more efficient working, and a more sustainable and profitable business.

What do Beacon Dodsworth do?

We develop our own range of mapping and spatial analysis tools to provide off-the-shelf location intelligence solutions. Whilst our mapping and data consultancy service is ideal for those clients with more bespoke needs, defined budgets, or more ad-hoc location analysis requirements.

How do we provide our services?

We're a creative bunch and over the years we've developed the knowledge, skills and tools required to deliver robust solutions that meet the needs of today's businesses. We can build bespoke software and data solutions or edit our existing products to meet your needs.

The experience and knowledge we've developed over almost 30 years means we can respond quickly to your requests. By identifying the most efficient method of generating solutions we can pass cost savings on to you. As a small UK-based consultancy, we are able to offer a level of flexibility, national knowledge, and cost effectiveness that makes location intelligence available to businesses of any size.

A map showing the Beacon Dodsworth office hosted within MapVision, our online mapping and geographic data sharing tool.

Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner

Beacon Dodsworth are proud to partner with Ordnance Survey (OS) to provide our clients with the very best solutions to all their mapping and data requirements. Code-Point Open, OS OpenMap Local, OS Open Roads and other OS OpenData sets form a key part of our Prospex and MapVision location intelligence products.

For clients needing more detailed mapping or bespoke mapping apps, including Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) members, we can incorporate any Ordnance Survey dataset. We will make our recommendations based on the needs and budget of the client. For example, we have used OS address and boundary data, and OS Highways for logistics and mobility survey applications.

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A brief history of Beacon Dodsworth

Established in 1994, we developed one of the UK’s first GIS systems for marketing and analysis. Applying spatial techniques to maturing national datasets on people and places gave many companies a head start. They became able to understand the behaviour of their customers, the performance of their outlets, and the trends in their markets. At the same time, graphics technology was advancing quickly to allow presentation of the results in easily-digested formats.

In the early days, we provided solutions mainly for the media and automotive industries but quickly realised that the tools we have at our disposal are applicable across a broad range of planning and analysis challenges.

Although we've changed a lot since 1994, we have maintained the same approach of delivering robust products, customised services and enhanced support. We are proud to work with public and private sector organisations from a wide range of industries. We have built our reputation on a determination to add the most value to, and provide the best possible support for, every single client.

How can we help you?

Get in touch to talk through your next location data project and see how we can help you.

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