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GIS mapping and location data solutions

Beacon Dodsworth has been providing GIS mapping and related professional services for 30 years. A UK-based consultancy, we offer a level of flexibility, specialist knowledge, and cost effectiveness that makes location intelligence available to businesses of any size.

Location analysis and data visualisation

Customer cluster analysis and drive-time radius map

We provide low-cost geographic analysis to clients, avoiding the need for their own GIS tools, specialist staff or training, such as:

  • Branch, network or competitor mapping
  • Customer profiling, location analysis and heat mapping
  • Sales territory planning, review, and optimisation

Bespoke and batch mapping

Area heat map with pen portrait of older consumers superimposed on top.

Our GIS mapping services can save you time and money by automating complex mapping projects and providing bespoke maps for your team. We can:

  • Produce detailed fixed-area boundary and demographic maps for intelligent doorstep prospecting
  • Undertake batch mapping for sales and field teams, reducing staff time and cost
  • Create giant wall maps to showcase your sales network in your corporate HQ or sales office

Industry specific solutions

Geographical business review

A store network and drive time isochrone map.

Location data provides a vital tool in assessing your business locations and the potential audience around them. It can save money, jobs, and create a more sustainable network based in the most profitable locations. We offer:

  • On-site, in person, online video meeting, telephone consultation: whichever you prefer. We offer time with a geodata expert with access to our complete location analysis toolkit
  • Simple, self-service location intelligence via MapVision, our easy to use, web-based mapping tool
  • Journey and customer profiling data to supplement your existing network data and add real-world insight to your business

Mapping and location analysis for your business

Location analysis map for a new cycle store.

We can help you to understand your existing customers better, target a new audience, and select the most profitable location for a new site.

  • Location mapping and analysis
  • Store reach and customer travel distance analysis
  • Customer profiling and targetting
  • Network review for growth or downsizing

Sales territory mapping and management

A field rep super-imposed on a sales territory map.

Whether you are creating a new sales network, re-balancing territories following recruitment, optimising existing sales catchments, or scheduling efficient site visits, we can help:

  • Sales territory planning and mapping
  • Smart territory management and optimisation
  • Efficient client visit scheduling and travel management

Postcode mapping and data visualisation

YO postcode boundary and sub-boundary map

We specialise in visualising the place of business and consumer data within the context of the UK's postcode network. Adding your own data into the mix creates an extra dimension to your understanding and decision making abilities.

  • Postcode point mapping
  • Heat or choropleth mapping
  • Postcode sector or area mapping

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For the last 30 years we've worked on almost all elements of location intelligence.
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