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GIS mapping and location data solutions

Beacon Dodsworth has been providing GIS mapping services for more than 25 years. We offer both complete geographical tools and bespoke consultancy and development services. A UK-based consultancy, we offer a level of flexibility, specialist knowledge, and cost effectiveness that makes location intelligence available to businesses of any size.

Consultancy services

Location analysis and data visualisation

Customer cluster analysis and drive-time radius map

We provide low-cost geographic analysis to clients, avoiding the need for their own GIS tools, specialist staff or training, such as:

  • Branch, network or competitor mapping
  • Customer profiling, location analysis and heat mapping
  • Sales territory planning, review, and optimisation

Geodata system integration

A family super-imposed on a demographic choropleth map.

We are experienced in embedding GIS tools and location data into client systems including:

  • Nesting “where is my nearest” tools in corporate websites
  • Integrating geodemographic data to your CMS or customer databases
  • Creating drive-time and distance calculators for efficient staff travel and expenses remuneration

Bespoke and batch mapping

Area heat map with pen portrait of older consumers superimposed on top.

Our GIS mapping services can save you time and money by automating complex mapping projects and providing bespoke maps for your team. We can:

  • Produce detailed fixed-area boundary and demographic maps for intelligent doorstep prospecting
  • Undertake batch mapping for a large sales and field teams, reducing staff time and cost
  • Create giant wall maps to showcase your sales network in your corporate HQ or sales office

GIS and mapping tools

MapVision: simple online mapping

An online meeting aided by a digital map project.

MapVision is our cloud-based mapping tool that provides an intuitive, cost-effective alternative to desktop GIS software. It offers:

  • Web-based mapping for easy access, sharing & collaboration
  • Quick map creation from postcode lists and spreadsheet data
  • Inclusive map, boundary and demographic data
  • No download or install required, subscribe for as long as you need

Prospex: GIS mapping software

A field rep super-imposed on a sales territory map.

Prospex is our powerful desktop geographic information system (GIS) designed for in-depth location analysis and sales territory optimisation. It allows you to:

  • See detailed location data in context using a wide range of maps and data visualisation tools
  • Learn more about your customers and find more with native geodemographic mapping
  • Define, review, and optimise sales territories by distance, travel time or customer value
  • Plan the most efficient sales and delivery routes using an intelligent call scheduler

Location, journey, boundary and demographic data

TimeTravel: drive-time and distance data

A van driver super-imposed on a delivery schedule map.

A dataset of postcode sector and district drive times and distances that can be integrated into databases, CRMs, & websites. It provides a way to:

  • Optimise a multi-site business by letting website visitors find their nearest branch
  • Improve territory management by matching clients to agents by realistic journey times
  • Manage staff travel & expenses reconciliation
  • Enhance logistics planning and set delivery cost bandings using HGV-specific route and speed tables

P² People & Places: Geodemographic profiling

Customer silhouettes set over a demographic listing and point-set map.

A comprehensive, cost-effective, geodemographic classification that categorises and describes the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the UK. It can help you to:

  • Add depth to your customer understanding by adding geodemographic profile data to your customer database
  • Identify potential audiences for your business based on your existing best customer profile or an ideal pen portrait
  • Plot national trends or use nationwide modelling to predict the success of new ventures

Point location, networks and boundaries

YO postcode boundary and sub-boundary map

We can provide data to enrich your organisations systems and give you the business intelligence you need including:

  • Map data from major nationwide mapping providers including Ordnance Survey, Collins Bartholomew and HERE Technologies
  • Postcode area and Postcode Address Finder PAF data from Royal Mail
  • Geodata segmented by administrative area for not-for-profit clients - often at zero cost, thanks to the PSGA (Public Sector Geospatial Agreement)

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In the last 25 years we've worked on almost all elements of location intelligence.
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