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Batch mapping and bespoke maps

Our GIS mapping services can save you time and money by automating complex mapping projects and providing bespoke maps for your team or customers. Let us map your data and add an extra dimension to your understanding at a low, fixed cost.

Bespoke mapping

Making a business decision using location intelligence

Our consultants have access to our full range of geographic and demographic analysis tools to create bespoke maps for you. Quickly get the data you want, mapped and presented how you would like it, at a price to suit you. We can:

  • Design bespoke interactive maps to allow charity members to find local events and people near them with similar conditions
  • Map specific features, facilities, or business types within a defined area and cross-reference with the surrounding demographic groups or road network
  • Create and print oversized, high resolution network maps for office walls or event displays
  • Map networks and services such as broadband network and specific business types within an area to predict take-up of certain services

Batch mapping

A doorstep prospector interviewing a resident.

Our batch mapping service can save your team many hours of work by automating and simplifying repetitive data mapping tasks. We do this by either creating a macro to automate the process within your mapping system, or doing the work on your behalf, whether that is:

  • Creating macros to enable batch production of call schedules, and route maps for large sales and fulfilment teams
  • Producing detailed fixed-area boundary and demographic maps for intelligent doorstep prospecting

How can we help you?

We are happy to act as an outsourced GIS mapping team or supplement the expertise of your own team.
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