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A network review to keep your business competitive

In an ever-changing marketplace, a business needs to evolve to stay competitive. With costs spiralling, this is more important than ever, and every store or representative in your network needs to be optimally sited, and have access to a suitably sized audience with a high propensity to use your products or services.

Location data provides a vital tool in assessing your business locations and the potential audience around them. A small investment here can save money, jobs, and even your whole business, as it enables you to move forward with a more sustainable network based in the most profitable locations.

For 30 years we've worked with businesses of all sizes from individuals just setting out on a new venture, to established nationwide chains. As such, we've developed a flexible consultancy approach and a toolkit of effective analysis tools that are powerful enough to give your business an edge, but simple enough that anyone can use them.

A store network and drive time isochrone map.
Above: A regional store network mapped with drive time isochrones.

Face-to-face geographical review

A meeting underway supported by digital and printed location intelligence maps.

On-site, video meeting or telephone consultation: whichever you prefer. We offer time with a geodata expert who has access to our complete toolkit of location analysis tools and data to respond to your specific business needs. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes and at every stage in their development, helping them to:

  • Review your sales territories for growth or efficiency
  • Map your store network to identify new sites, or downsize to the most sustainable ones
  • Profile your best customers and find more like them

Journey data for planning business and customer travel

An isochrone map showing drive time radii against customer numbers in the area.

Few businesses can rely solely on people living close by to support them, so travel infrastructure is an important consideration in site selection.

Our driving time data accurately calculates average travel distances and times to and from any given UK location. This allows us to map realistic sales catchments for your site based on travel time or distance.

Customer profiling data

A magnifying glass revelealing actual faces from a line of silhouettes set over a heat map.

Where people live can give you an idea of their attitudes and behaviours. This geodemographic information can add greater depth to your customer data and let you identify and target hot spots of similar people who could be potential customers.

We use our P² People & Places geodemographic classification and your existing customer data to profile your customers. The profile and model created helps find and map similar audiences around current or potential store locations.

More reasons to choose Beacon Dodsworth


A small Yorkshire-based company, we’ve been working with UK map data since 1994. We are postcode geography specialists and our products and services have been used by some of the largest UK brands.


A small company, our overheads are lower than our international competitors, allowing us to offer some of the best value in the marketplace. Our consultancy rates are transparent and based simply on the time a job will take and are confimed before we start work.


If ever you need help, our team are available on webchat and phone to assist you. If you have any questions, or are looking for something more bespoke please get in touch.

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Whether you are looking for a simple customer map, or a complete location analysis, or network review, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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