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Mapping and location analysis for your business

Location intelligence can make the difference between a thriving, profitable business, and a failed venture. We can help you to understand your existing customers better, target a new audience, and select the most effective and profitable location for a new site.

Simple, affordable, location mapping and analysis

A composite image showing all of the map types that MapVision can produce.

Mapping is the best way to make location data understandable for effective business decision making whether you are trying to identify how large your store’s catchment is, plot individual customer locations, or heat map geographic hot spots of customers.

Complete location analysis at your fingertips

A local analysis of cycle commuter numbers mapped against existing cycle store locations.

Before embarking on a new business venture or when reviewing an existing store network, there is no substitute for a complete site analysis. It will bring together location, business, customer, and competitor data, to provide a robust picture of how profitable a site could be.

How far will your customers travel?

An isochrone map showing drive time radii against customer numbers in the area.

Few businesses can rely solely on people living close by to support them, so travel infrastructure is an important consideration in site selection.

Our drivetime data accurately calculates average travel distances and times to and from any given UK location. We can map realistic sales catchments for your site based on travel time.

Profile your best customers and find more like them

A magnifying glass revelealing actual faces from a line of silhouettes set over a heat map.

Where people live can give you an idea of their attitudes and behaviours. This geodemographic information can add greater depth to your customer data and let you identify and target hot spots of similar people who could be potential customers.

Our P² People & Places geodemographic profiling data, can be applied to your existing customer data, or you can create a model of your ideal customer and map similar audiences around current or potential store locations.

Our location analysis services

A meeting underway supported by digital and printed location intelligence maps.

Since 1994, we have been offering geographical intelligence to businesses, and have built up the expertise to help any organisation to work smarter. For the most complex jobs, or if you'd rather not do the analysis yourself, our in-house team are available to produce maps or datasets to support your business. Whether it is a simple customer map, a giant wall map for your office, or a full location analysis and store network review, we can help.

How can we help you?

Whether you are looking for a simple customer map, or a complete location analysis, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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