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Location data & mapping consultancy

We have been helping organisations to add a geospatial element to their work since 1994. Whether you are a public sector body, nationwide plc, SME, or sole trader, our mapping consultancy service can help you.

We add value to your operations by putting your business in context, visualising your data, and helping you to make better business decisions. Some of the key areas we have helped clients with over the last 30 years are:

Demand mapping & needs assessment

A local analysis of cycle commuter numbers mapped against existing cycle store locations.

Your target area is one of the most vital decisions in any project or business venture. We work with businesses to evaluate their network or identify optimal new locations. We’ve helped NHS Trusts, county councils, consultancies tendering for public projects and small businesses to:

  • Heat map businesses by classification to evaluate business resilience and identify key exporters for a public tender.
  • Identify and create a pin map of all council houses within a 20-mile radius for door drop activity.
  • Shortlist potential sites for new private clinics and ambulance hubs based on potential demand and travel time.
  • Evaluate planning applications for local authorities to assess potential demand and suitability of proposed locations.

Batch mapping and bespoke data maps

A UK territory map for multiple advisers.

Our GIS mapping consultancy can save you time and money by automating complex geospatial tasks and creating bespoke maps to support your team. We can:

  • Batch produce detailed boundary and territory maps for your field or delivery team management.
  • Create giant network maps for your corporate HQ or sales office.
  • Calculate and visualise drive time radii around your stores for customer analysis or delivery bandings.
  • Address appending for your database and batch-producing personalised maps focussed on each customers’ home address.

Why work with us?

Beacon Dodsworth is a small, Yorkshire-based mapping consultancy specialising in UK postcode and administrative geography. Our size gives us the flexibility, personal touch, and affordability that should be a part of any healthy business relationship.

We have 30 years’ experience of working with British location data, and a wide-range of clients - including NHS trusts, Local Authorities, nationwide charities and major plc. - that demonstrate the trust and authority in which we are held. We can support clients in several ways, whether that is:

  • Sourcing location or geodemographic data.
  • Conducting fixed-price end-to-end GIS mapping or geodemographic analysis projects.
  • Supplementing the expertise of your insight team.

Our prices ensure an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio for businesses as small as a sole trader looking to start their own enterprise. Why not get in touch to talk through your latest location data challenge and get a free, no-obligation quote.

How can we help you?

Whether you are looking for a simple customer map, or a complete location analysis, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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