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Call scheduling software and managing field force visits

Since 2007 Tactical Solutions have successfully used Prospex, our fully featured GIS software, to efficiently plan and schedule client visits. Tactical Solutions operate a field sales service with a team of representatives (reps) routinely visiting over 1,650 retail outlets. They work with in-store teams to find and fix all stock replenishment issues for supermarkets such as ASDA and Tesco, plus other household names like Duracell, Innocent, Quorn and Birds Eye.

The challenge:

With individual reps visiting several clients every day, Tactical Solutions need a call scheduling tool that provides the optimum order for visits whilst keeping redundant travelling time to a minimum. It’s also important that the call scheduling tool is fully supported to ensure that it continues to develop in-line with Tactical Solutions growth and changing process requirements.

The solution: Prospex GIS - the call scheduling tool

We customised the call scheduling tool within Prospex mapping software to meet Tactical Solutions requirements. The call scheduler is a robust and reliable GIS planning tool that facilitates the routine servicing of a large portfolio of clients.

How it works

Here's how Tactical Solutions manage their team's call schedules:

  • They import a list of all the stores to visit and their sales reps locations (Prospex allocates the reps with realistic and balanced territories)
  • Tactical Solutions specify the number of days and hours each rep works and the time spent at each location
  • The call scheduler then generates daily call plans
  • Prospex calculates what visits to make on what days and the most efficient order to make those visits in (saves time and fuel)
  • Each rep provided daily/weekly schedules and a clear view of their appointments

Ongoing development of the call scheduler

An example of a multi-day call-scheduler map.

As part of our ongoing support we have created additional tools to improve the call scheduler when, for example, a new client or store is added. The Prospex call scheduler does this whilst keeping the same original schedule, adding the new calls in on a best-fit basis or, when appropriate, rebuilding schedules from scratch. An automatic mode means that the whole sales force can be rescheduled in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks like Tactical Solutions previous manual process. To continue improving the call scheduling tool we’ve recently developed a check box which delivers the option of whether the call scheduler optimises the day call order after a manual move.

The benefits:

Prospex has not only reduced Tactical Solutions planning time in allocating calls, but also reduces their travel time and mileage. The procedure of scheduling visits is now automatic yet can support manual tweaks, if needed.

For over 10 years we’re delighted to have developed and supported a reliable, robust and customisable GIS solution which enables Tactical Solutions to efficiently fulfil extremely busy client schedules.

Prospex GIS mapping software

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