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RSAcademics offers greater value to their clients with mapping consultancy

Bespoke mapping and geodemographic insight for schools

RSAcademics is an educational consultancy offering strategic marketing and research to schools. They provide a range of strategic marketing and research services to support school leadership teams with their pupil recruitment and retention. Since they were founded in 2002, they have advised and supported over 700 schools and educational organisations worldwide.

RSAcademics' services include:

  • Market studies, competitor analysis, brand positioning studies, feasibility studies
  • Perception and attitude research
  • Advice on strategic planning and assessing specific business initiatives and opportunities, working with Boards and Senior Teams as facilitator and guide

The RSAcademics logo super-imposed over a heat map showing households with children.

Our mapping consultancy services help to supplement their considerable expertise in the schools’ sector. We use our Prospex Geographic Information System (GIS), MapVision interactive mapping tool, and P² People & Places geodemographic classification, to support their consultancy.

How bespoke mapping has enhanced RSAcademics’ client work

Beacon Dodsworth’s data modelling, analysis and mapping brings simple postcode data to life and, crucially, provide a deeper understanding of a school’s catchment area. Our mapping software enables RSAcademics to interpret local areas of affluence, demography and population growth through the visualisation of data using a range of maps. The data can also be used to identify the locations where existing and prospective students can be found, as well as relevant subsets of pupils e.g., boarders and day pupils.

By combining Beacon Dodsworth’s demographic analysis and mapping service with existing school data, the RSAcademics team can provide a more objective view of their client’s parents, prospective parents and the surrounding communities. This well-rounded view helps schools to:

  • Develop tailored marketing plans
  • Identify new market opportunities
  • Evaluate the threat from competitors within their catchment area
  • Plan for future growth and manage their resources most effectively

To bring even more value to their clients, RSAcademics were an early adopter of our MapVision online mapping tool. This allows us to visualise data in an easy to use interactive format, rather than as a fixed, “flat” map image. Schools are now able to drill down to a more detailed postcode level to better understand catchment potential. By using interactive maps, they can quickly go from a regional to a localised view, to understand the demography of specific areas.

A heat map showing households with children in an area.
A choropleth map showing density of households with children in an area.

RSAcademics adds further value to their services by being able to share the final mapping analysis with each school user via MapVision. Using a simple and secure (password protected using SSL encryption) web interface, allows the client school to better understand RSAcademics’ data interpretation using this intuitive platform. Schools are also able to create maps using their own chosen variables for download or print at a high 300dpi resolution to allow presentation at face-to-face meetings or inclusion in printed reports.

This end-to-end geodata solution gives RSAcademics another element of expertise to add to their portfolio and the value they offer to clients, further securing their status as leaders in educational consultancy.

"Since 2016 we have worked closely with Beacon Dodsworth enabling us to provide specialised mapping and data analysis which has become an important part of our marketing and research portfolio of services."

Heather Styche-Patel, Head of Strategy, Marketing and Development, RSAcademics

For more information about RSAcademics, visit their website:

The accompanying maps and analyses are illustrative examples of the type of work we produce for RSAcademics.

A drivetime map around a school location
A drivetime isochrone map around a (fictional) school location.

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