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TimeTravel: realistic drive-time and distance data

Our dataset of postcode sector and district drive times and distances, TimeTravel, can be integrated into databases, CRMs, and websites. Calculated using the latest road network, it accurately differentiates between HGV and car journeys, peak and off-peak travel, to give accurate distance and journey times. TimeTravel can be used to:

Optimise a multi-site business

Making a business decision using location intelligence

Knowing which branch of your network is closest to any given client can improve your chance of gaining their custom. TimeTravel data has been used to:

  • Power a web-based “where is my nearest” tool to allow your customers to find their closest hotel, store or service centre
  • Personalise communications with closest outlet details to increase the chance of a customer responding or visiting
  • Identify specific customer demographic profiles within a set drive time radius to target with campaigns

Improve territory and fleet management

A delivery driver consulting a delivery schedule on his tablet.

TimeTravel data can help your business to be more efficient by accurately planning your team’s commercial travel, whether you want to:

  • Define sales territories based on client postcodes within a certain drive time or distance radius
  • Allocate new clients or enquiries to their closest agent by integrating it into your CRM
  • Improve fleet logistics planning with accurate HGV travel times
  • Set delivery cost bandings based on road distance from the warehouse

Manage staff travel and expenses reconciliation

A sales consultant getting out of their car.

TimeTravel data can also improve the efficiency of staff travel and journey management by:

  • Calculating mileage for more accurate staff or contractor travel planning
  • Validating travel expense claims quickly, efficiently, for prompt staff remuneration
  • Identifying the closest agent to a client by travel time for more effective site visits and time management

TimeTravel data can be integrated into most databases, CRM, logistics systems or websites. Alternatively, we are able to host the data or design a bespoke application for it to sit within. Costs for our journey time and distance are flexible depending on the level of detail you require and how widely it will be used, so get in touch if you’d like more details.

How can we help you?

We can provide a sample of our TimeTravel data or share case studies of its use to help you to make an informed decision.

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