Mapping, software and data consultancy

Our data and geographical expertise working for you

Data is valuable and we have the tools to help you get the most out of it.

Your customer database tells you where your customers are and the services or products they use. Combine your information with Census or lifestyle data and unlock the value in your database, identifying cross selling opportunities and potential new customers.

Our consultancy includes a comprehensive toolkit and years of experience which means we can:

  • Advise on geographical data analysis
  • Analyse your customers compared to national or local averages
  • Plan store or franchise locations
  • Estimate market share
  • Find people that match your ideal customer

We can combine and model various sources of data including:

By using these data sources and geolocating your customers our team will be able to help you get the best from your database.

The nature of a consultancy job is as varied as any other service we offer. We communicate with you, develop a specification, estimate the work time, and proceed on an agreed basis.

We pride ourselves in providing a thorough consultancy process where we identify your data and geographical needs, and supply an economical authoritative result.


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Helping you get the most from your data

We help you analyse your data, visualise the results and work with you to reach relevant solutions. If you need formal reporting or expert services we can help.

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Postcode sector boundaries

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Doing the work for you

If you are too busy to do data analysis and visualisation our consultancy service is available to do your work. We look at the data you have, the nature of the work that is needed and then work to a fixed price quotation.

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Customer overlaps over Bristol

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